The First Note

Music is the language of the unvierse! Imagine how life would be if you were able to communicate with notes...sung or performed on a musical instrument!

In Home Lessons Available!


A Note Above the Rest also offers in home lessons!  Please phone (702) 471-6683 for


The Future Sounds Good


We believe that MUSIC can enrich the lives of everyone from youth to our Senior years.  Imagine the possibilities!

Founder’s Notes 

I look forward to meeting you and helping you to attain all of your musical goals.  To parents:  the gift of Music for your children will help them to build a beautiful life foundation that will  help them to grow into the future.

Lance Golding

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3281 N. Decatur Blvd., Suite #140| Las Vegas, NV | 89130 NoteAbovetheRest@aol.com

Tel: 702-471-6683

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